Biomedical Review Journal 実験医学 Experimental Medicine

About Experimental Medicine

Experimental Medicine is a leading Japanese biomedical review journal that covers a wide range of current scientific topics on biomedical sciences, including molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and physiology. Experimental Medicine aims to review the hot, cutting-edge front of biomedical sciences for Japanese readers. Experimental Medicine is widely read not only by graduate students, postdocs and private company researchers but also by highly established academic scientists who are interested in current progress in biomedical sciences. With their strong support, Experimental Medicine has made significant contributions to advances in biomedical sciences in Japan.

Experimental Medicine is published monthly. In each issue, the journal features a special topic and asks an expert in that particular field (usually a Japanese scientist) to organize review articles. The organizer then invites top-notch peers to write reviews on the latest progress in the field from multiple points of view. Manuscripts written in other languages are usually translated into Japanese. Experimental Medicine also has a limited number of special topic books, in which the topic is covered with broader perspectives and in greater depth.

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